We can help you get into teaching abroad.

We train and support you to become a brilliant teacher, inspiring the young people who need you the most.

Finished University? Looking to get into teaching? 

If you’re thinking about becoming a teacher and looking for the opportunity abroad, you’ve come to the right place. We have teacher training courses in Europe, Asia and Australasia. We work in partnership with education establishments looking for new graduates to train to become qualified teachers. 

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Lyndsay Jones

Applied Mathematics (BSc)
Place of work: New Zealand

"How fortunate I am to have had the experience to teach the inspiring students in New Zealand! Never have I been so impressed with a group of people. I have been supported from the day I entered the classroom as a trainee teacher, to the day I received my certificate."

Mark Smith

Computer Science (BSc)
Place of work: Spain

"Why teach?” - It's a simple question with hundreds, or even thousands of answers. I completed my degree in Computer Science with no idea where to go next. I enjoyed tutoring during the course and always liked the idea of helping others. I am so glad I made the decision to move abroad and pursue the exciting career of teaching. I have discovered my passion." 

Luke Stephens

Accounting and Finance (BSc)
Place of work: China

"I felt like this opportunity was too good to be true. I had finished my degree and was now presented with the opportunity to live abroad and train to teach. I pinch myself each day as I realise I am living my dream. Teaching is by no means an easy career, but with the support from my school it is very fulfilling."

Jane Osman

Creative Music Technology (BA)
Place of work: Germany

"My main concern was how I would get the students to listen to me. Greenhorn Education matched my personality with a school that supported me through the initial teacher training. Now I love my job each day. I'm glad I made this choice."


We work with academies, schools and trusts across Europe, Asia and Australasia, placing and supporting graduates through an intensive on the job training programme.